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Unintended Consequences Behavioral health issues as a result of social isolation from COVID-19


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Unintended Consequences: Behavioral health issues as a result of social isolation from COVID-19

Assisted Living Skilled Nursing

July 22, 2020
10:00 am ? 11:30 am EST

1.0 CE credit for Administrators, Nurses, CEAL

Brenda?s day is usually filled with meals in the cafeteria, games or crafts in the common room, therapy with OT and PT, and frequent visits from family. That schedule came to a screeching halt with the rise of COVID-19 cases. Brenda no longer leaves her room ? meals are delivered, therapy is minimal, entertainment consists of endless television programs. Her roommate was abruptly moved out, and her favorite staff members no longer have time for conversation. Family can only wave at her through her window. Brenda?s normally happy demeanor has steadily declined. Brenda is just one of the many patients whose quality of care has been drastically altered. In the necessity to protect patients from exposure to the virus, social isolation has led to unintended consequences.

This presentation will focus on behavioral health issues that are increasing due to social isolation from the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important for caregivers to stay focused on patients so they can quickly identify changes in mood due to social isolation. Rehabilitation has a role in evaluating the physical issues as well as behavioral health issues that are on the rise. An individualized, person-centered plan is developed by rehabilitation and education is provided to the staff for keeping residents engaged in meaningful activities, functioning at their highest level, and improving their quality of life.

 Identify causes/risk factors of behavioral health issues due to social isolation from COVID-19
 Identify the role of rehabilitation to work with individuals with behavioral health issues
 Educate facility staff on routines, activities and meaningful activities to improve quality of life
July 22, 2020
10:00 am ? 11:30 am EST
Kathy Adkins OTR/L, CPC-A, RACT-CT, CDP
Director of Quality, RehabCare

Leta Kant, PT
Director of Quality, RehabCare

CEs & Other Education Requirements:

1 CE is available for Nurses, NHA, CEAL
Member, $35; Non-Member, $90

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