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Overcoming Patient Objections to Care


Overcoming Patient Objections to Care

Hospice and Home Care

June 24, 2020

Live webinar

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

1 CE for NHA, Nurses and CEHCH

Data from CMS consistently reports that a significant number of patients eligible for home health or hospice do not sign on for service or start care later than they should. This session examines barriers to patients accepting care and shares insights on how to navigate those obstacles and objections. Subjects include educating patients and their family caregivers to correct misperceptions, appealing to family caregivers for help in encouraging patients to receive care, and differentiating your agency's brand - so patients not only agree to your type of service, they seek you as the service provider.

- Apply marketing techniques to target education of patients and their family caregivers, so you can correct common misperceptions of hospice and home health.
- Craft messaging to family caregivers that appeals to their needs as well as the patients to encourage patient acceptance of home-based care.
- Learn how to distinguish your brand from competitors so patients not only accept your type of service, they prefer to receive care from your agency.
June 24, 2020

Live Webinar

2:00 pm-3:30 pm

Stan Massey, Partner/Lead Consultant, Transcend Strategy Group

Stan Massey, BA, offers 40 years of brand improvement and marketing experience. For the past 18 years, Stan has been developing effective communication strategies, creative concepts and attention-grabbing campaigns to successfully build brands for providers of home-based care and senior care. Guided by research, Stan skillfully crafts strategic marketing plans and messages that speak to their target audiences and yield exceptional results - helping to increase referrals, elevate quality, improve the patient experience and ultimately boost revenue. Stan has worked on improving internal communications as well as crafting marketing strategies and campaigns for more than 40 home-based care organizations, coast to coast. He has been invited to serve as a keynote speaker or session speaker at more than 35 state home health and hospice conferences and at multiple national conferences.

CEs & Other Education Requirements:

This program is approved for one (1) hour of credit for CEHCH, nursing home administrators and nurses. Individual attendance will be monitored throughout the call. Only those attending the entire call will be awarded continuing education credit. All participants, regardless of need for credits, may receive a certificate of attendance.
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