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Rights, Restriction and Restoration


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Rights, Restriction and Restoration

July 21 - Live Webinar

2:00 pm-3:30 pm

1 CE credit for administrators, nurses, social worker

Many people with disabilities, particularly those who receive full life services, require behavior supports at some point in their lives. As providers it is our responsibility to ensure that before a rights modification is used, we have exhausted every other possibility, modifications are time limited and agreed to by the person receiving services. The Behavior Management and Human Rights Committees are key, not only to creative behavior supports more likely to result in better lives for people receiving services, but to guaranteeing that any rights restrictions are a last resort and come with a comprehensive plan for restoration. In this session we will discuss ways to support people on a path to having their rights restored including thorough and understandable explanations of restrictions prior to implementation of a behavior support plan.


* Participants will review the importance of a balanced and educated Human Rights Committee.
* Participants will learn about human rights related to people in services
* Participants will learn how to support staff to recognize and eliminate informal rights restrictions.

July 21
Live Webinar
2:00 pm-3:30 pm
Leanne Mull, Co-Director

Leanne has been supporting people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to achieve their dreams since 1999. She spent the first 15 years at a traditional agency in a variety of roles. Leanne believes that the key to meaningful lives for people who receive services is to encourage, empower and enlighten the staff who work for them. As co-director of Blue Tower Solutions, Inc. Leanne fulfills that dream as a national speaker, writer and consultant improving organizations and systems, serving as Vice-President on the Board of the Arc of Illinois and as a Quality Enhancement Specialist for CQL.

CEs & Other Education Requirements:

1 CE is available for Nurses, NHA, social worker
Member, $35; Non-Member, $90

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